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Determining efficiency as a mission in supply chain, our corporation concentrates as a center of our business partnership to develop the most appropriate solutions for the demands and needs of our business partners at every stage and to provide our business partners with new projects to be designed rather than service production and productivity-based solutions.

UNSPED can manage the process starting from supplier of our business partner and continuing to customers of customers in one hand and as factors of one process. It provides product flow and information flow and reporting at the same time with a strong IT infrastructure and a knowledge of its use by re-defining needs with operations and customer service management which early determines expectations and pre-defines with goals.

It adds value to processes with our business partners with continuous improvements and practices that make difference.

General Management of our company is situated in İstanbul, and our company produces the most competent solutions to the demands of our customers with experienced, qualified and competent staff that works in all provinces across Turkey with commercial potential, regional directorate of ports, offices, warehouses and in the land transport offices.

One of the most important point of process of Supply Chain management of our corporation is activity of National Land Transportation;

We produce storage and warehouse solutions to our customers within our logistic centers strategically located, mainly in İstanbul.

The unbonded customs site and free storage areas in our facilities are located in same area. Therefore, we minimize cost-increasing factors such as intermediate transportation, waiting, time loss, damage / risk factors from import to distribution.

We produce works that add value such as labeling, banderole, product separation / assembly, packaging, repairs at our all storages. Our experienced staff provides service to many national and foreign companies with support of developed IT infrastructure and equipment.

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